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Camaro Z/28: The History

Camaro Z/28: History of Horsepower In December 1966, the Chevrolet Camaro and Z/28 were unveiled. Vince Piggins was the man responsible and forever changed the

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Coil Overs

Shocks VS. Coil Overs

Shocks VS Coil Overs: What’s The Difference? If you have shocks and have been hearing about coil overs, you might be wondering what exactly are

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body styles

Deciphering Chevrolet Body Styles

Most people assume that determining a car’s body style is pretty self-explanatory, a two door’s a coupe, a four door’s a sedan, and if it has no roof it’s a convertible, right? Simple. It’s anything but simple when it comes to vehicles from this era, and even worse when you begin to explore different manufacturer’s models and terminology.

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Chevrolet Super Cars

Chevrolet Super Cars

The term Super Car in modern times brings to mind brands like Lamborghini, Ferrari, or McLaren, but during the heyday of the muscle car craze Chevrolet technically also had its hands in the “super car” market.

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Camaro Generations

The Chevrolet Camaro has a long and storied history that spans the past 50 years and across several generations. The model continues to push the boundaries of Chevrolet’s performance abilities even today.

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Sheet Metal Exposed – FAQs & Answers

Known as sheet metal, these body panels and other structural components are available from a number of different brands and can be had as full replacement panels or just patches, which can seem daunting to those inexperienced in restoration.

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