Nick H’s 1972 Nova

Built From The Ground Up

Nick H’s 1972 Nova

Nick was just an 18 year old mechanic that took a chance and made an offer on this customer’s 1972 Nova before giving the keys back after a repair job, and that chance paid off.

Seventeen years later, he’s still driving the Nova to this day, though now he has a helping hand in the garage from his 7 year old son. The joy his son finds in this Nova is a big part of the reason Nick has been so determined to restore the vehicle.

My 7 year old son and I have spent countless hours building this car together. Seeing his face light up every time we accomplished something was wonderful. Seeing his smile on our maiden voyage is a moment I will never forget.


This 1972 Nova currently has a bored out 350 small block Chevy paired to a rebuilt TH400 with a shift kit and ratchet shifter. Nick has upgraded the brakes, steering, several suspension components, the rear end, and much more. The 350 small block has upgraded Fuelie heads and a “lumpy cam” to give it that satisfying lope at idle.

The best part of the build? Being able to find all of the right pieces at

The availability of parts is amazing. Over the years I have been able to find all of the odds and ends to make the car truly complete.


Ground Up Parts Featured In This Build

1968-1972 Nova Vent Window Frame Kit

Part #: KVF-68X
vent window frame pair


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1969-1972 Nova Hood Emblem, Bowtie

Part #: T-3085


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1971-1972 Nova Parking Lamp Kit

Part #: LAMP-KIT71X


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1962-1967 Nova Coupe Windshield Molding Kit Reproduction

Part #: KXF-1650


You Save: 6%

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