1972 Chevelle

Vin S’s 1972 Chevelle

Vin picked up this 1972 Chevelle a few years ago as a Father’s Day present to himself. He’s had three ’67 Chevelles in the past

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1966 Chevelle

John J’s 1966 Chevelle

John was tipped off about this 1966 Chevelle from some of the retired regulars at the local bagel shop one eventful day. They knew John

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1972 Nova

Nick H’s 1972 Nova

Nick was just an 18 year old mechanic that took a chance and made an offer on this customer’s 1972 Nova before giving the keys

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1972 Camaro

Jay R’s 1972 Camaro

This 1972 Camaro is a very special car to Jay R; it was originally driven by his brother, who was a Drug Enforcement Agent in

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