Don S’s 1974 Nova

Built From The Ground Up

Don S’s 1974 Nova

When Don was 16 years old, his first car was a 1974 Nova. This was, of course, in the mid to late 1970s. He loved that car and pretty much spent all his money on that car. It looked as good inside as it did outside. Including the shackles and air shocks on the back to get over the G60/14’s, he had on it.

Fast forward to 1983, right before he met his wife. He has been married 37 years now. He had to grow up, and he sold his 1974 Nova. He has always spoken about that car to his wife and, of course, their son. He missed it so much.

Well, in March of 2020, he was diagnosed with stage 3 colorectal cancer. Their son had been out on his own for about three years surprised them a few days later. He came over to tell them he was moving back home to help take care of him. Don’s wife and son sat him down, and told him when he beat cancer, he could get himself a 1974 Nova.

Unfortunately, in October 2020 his son passed away at the age of 26 from natural causes at home. Well, that leads to his new 1974 Nova. His wife (bless her heart) and he both decided we are not given tomorrow. So, his #1 on his bucket list has been checked and he got his 1974 Nova. We love you, Kyle. RIP my best friend!

The 1974 Nova is all original from the factory, he is the third owner of the car. It came from Hickory, NC. The undercarriage is in incredible shape. 350 Small block, dual exhaust (the first thing he did) has added chrome valve covers, and all engine gaskets and seals have been replaced. 60,000 original miles. To Don, the paint is outstanding! He’ll be adding aluminum four-barrel intake and carb next year, along with an updated sound system. Other than that, to him, it is perfect in its own stock condition.

"Had what I was looking for and a very decent price. The web site was also easy to navigate"

-Don S

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