Tod B’s 1969 Camaro

Built From The Ground Up

Tod B’s 1969 Camaro

The first time he laid eyes on his “Dream Car” he was responding to an alarm sounding on a warehouse back on January 17th of this year 2021. After checking the building it turned out it was a false alarm. Before his crew and he left, his eye spied this 1969 Camaro beauty in the corner.

He asked what the story was with the 1969 Camaro? He was told that a gentleman had been working on restoring her but sadly passed away before it was completed. The family had kept the car undecided of what to do. Since no one in the family had the time or know-how to complete the job, they decided to sell the car.

He spoke with his wife to see what she thought. Her words, “Do what you want.” So after thinking about it and visiting her several times, he decided to make the purchase.

So when the deal was finalized he went to pick it up. The family had included ALL the boxes that were related to the restoration process. Once he got her home and started going through the boxes, the only thing needed was a PUI custom interior kit and a windshield. It was tubbed out to race but took it off the race track to restore. He had the backseat and front seat reupholstered to their original design. He also purchased rear side panels and a package tray.

He upgraded the ignition system with all MSD. After all, was completed he decided on a new stereo to be installed in the glove box to keep the dash original. The only other thing he did to her gave her lots of TLC, baths, and wax jobs. It is a 302 with a 4spd matching numbers X33 model.

His first venture out was unbelievable! People giving him thumbs up, checking her out, it was such an awesome feeling! She only leaves the garage on sunny days! He hopes he made the gentleman that was her owner before, proud to see her complete! His wife also gave me hats, t-shirts, and bag chairs with a table to enjoy at any car gatherings. He can’t wait for retirement and many more cruising days ahead!

Everything is unique about this car! 😁 75% original and 25% hot rod. He plans to enjoy cruising and car shows. He has two groups called “Lost in the 50’s” and “Street Survivors” that get together on weekends. He loves going there and now has his own to show off.

"Purchased interior parts and fast service on the delivery"

-Tod B

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1969 Camaro 302 Hood Emblem

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1969 Camaro 302 Hood Emblem


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1967-1969 Camaro Coupe Windshield Glass

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