Carl P’s 1969 Chevelle

Built From The Ground Up

Carl P’s 1969 Chevelle

Special car with special meaning, Carl’s 1969 Chevelle is near and dear to his heart. In 2010, Carl had a 1968 Chevelle that his newly wedded wife Mellanie loved “the sound, the feel of power”. But as most couples experienced they had to sell it off to purchase a house. Unfortunately, she cried as it drove away but Carl promised her he would get another to ease the pain.

He had found this 1969 Chevelle with a non-original 396, tb400 under a carport. For years, he would knock on the gentleman’s door asking if he would sell it. But, he got the same response each time of a hard no. His wife laughing with the same remark every time “he is not going to sell it, Carl”. However, hard times struck as Melanie had gotten sick with kidney and liver failure. Devastating, she had passed the following October of 2019.

2 weeks had passed, a miracle had happened in honor of her. The 1969 Chevelle had gone up for sale and Carl was determined to purchase it in loving memory of his wife. One might even say she was looking after him from up above as a sign. He ran to the bank and took out the $5,000 for it and brought it home.

The old 396 that was in the Chevelle he had known it would need lots of work. But had to hear it run even if it ran like crap. With a new carb and bottle-fed, it started and it ran. He then pulled out the 396 and sent it out to be rebuilt. He had 402 BBC in the shop from his old jet boat. “I knew it ran good enough to make a driver until the 396 comes back from the rebuilders”. He has since replaced everything under the front end. Added rally wheels. Power Disc brakes, and power steering. Transmission remains untouched aside from new fluids, filters, and rear seals.

But what made this Chevelle special is the laughter and memories him and his wife had even though she isn’t around to see it. Carl knows with his heart she is always there with him in it making their dreams come true.

In time he’ll restore the Chevelle body and paint. As well as have it in local car shows and cruises. Even as a project it will be on the road in her memory.

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