Wayne A’s 1966 Chevelle

Built From The Ground Up

Wayne A’s 1966 Chevelle

Wayne previously had two ’69 Chevelle SS 396s, one 350hp and the other 375hp. The thing is, Wayne always liked the ’66s, especially the 396 360hp ones. So when a local dealer had this one, Wayne scooped it up. now he had his ’66.

The engine in Wayne’s Chevelle is the original 396ci with 360hp. It was rebuilt to the original spec. The transmission is a M-22 “rock crusher” 4 Speed. It is the original one, with the Hurst shifter.

Wayne has done some recent upgrades. Like a new interior, added power steering, and air conditioning. He also added some American Racing 17-inch mags, with 215-55-17 front, and 235-55-17 rear tires. Wayne’s future plans are to just drive it and go to a few shows.

"Things are priced right, and they stock hard to find parts!"

-Wayne A

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