Chase W’s 1970 Chevelle

Built From The Ground Up

Chase W’s 1970 Chevelle

This 1970 Chevelle is the first car that Chase’s dad ever owned. Chase never asked his dad when exactly he got it, but he estimates that he purchased it sometime in the 80’s because he graduated in 1985. Chase’s grandpa took his dad to look at a different 70’ Chevelle that was very nice, and he almost bought that one but found this one for a lot cheaper.

He then hid it away in a barn owned by an old man who claimed “he raised to much hell in the car”. According to the old man, his grandpa needed to get rid of it in order to not get in trouble because the law was after them so he had it put away.

Chase’s dad parked and last registered the car in 1989. He kept it in his father-in-law’s (Chase’s grandpa’s) barn where their family raised battle calves. The only thing separating the car from the calves was a woven wire panel! The car stayed in that same place Chase’s entire childhood, becoming a “cat house”. Chase’s grandpa had many, many cats, and they lived in this car as far back as he can remember.

Chase and his dad pulled the car out of the barn and brought it their own barn somewhere around 2012. That’s when his dad started gutting it and seeing what it needed. Chase exclaims, “That’s when it became “our” pricey car to do together”.

It was a true 396, 4-speed car. His dad said he popped the original engine many times, and that he had nothing but bad luck out of the original engine. He had to work on it many times just to make capable of making the drive to work and to school. Ultimately, he ended up selling the original engine. They do still have the original transmission but it is no longer in the car.

Currently, the 1970 Chevelle has a 454 (476 roller motor) with a 5 speed Tremec. Other modifications include, AFR heads, cam, Hooker Hedders, Wiesco pistons.

Chase finds the car to be unique mostly because of the fact that it was his dad’s high school car. His senior year parking pass is in the window (a transparent sticker that said the school’s name, BCHS, and spot number, 250)! Chase, on the other hand, could park in any place in the school lot during almost his whole school career. However, by senior year they had reserved parking spaces and Chase was assigned spot 250 just like his dad! Furthermore, his locker number was 454, which was the reason they would go with a 454 motor, and his dad said he had always wanted one.

The main goal is for this car to be a driver. Chase’s dad said “I drove this car rain, sleet or snow. It’s all I had!” Chase and his dad just want it to be reliable and to be able to enjoy it. The 454 fits. They have considered a 6-speed swap and even going modern motor LS or LT. For now, the duo is still enjoying tinkering on the old set up and trying to make it work! They really enjoy car shows and going to the local track, which has a test and tune night. They would like to play around and have fun taking the ‘70 Chevelle to any events that they can go to together.

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-Chase W.

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