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1967-1969 Chevrolet Pypes Exhaust System 3 Inch With Race Pro Mufflers

1967-1969 Chevrolet Pypes Exhaust System 3 Inch With Race Pro Mufflers

Ground Up Price: $539.95

Ground Up Part #: SGF63R

Manufacturer Part #: SGF63R

Brand: Pypes Exhaust

Sold As: kit

Part eligible for discounting: Yes

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    Close 1967-1969 Chevrolet Pypes Exhaust System 3 Inch With Race Pro Mufflers

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    Pypes Exhaust Systems are designed to deliver enhanced performance, provide extra punch in the passing lane, and improve gas mileage. Fabricated using the highest quality materials, the smooth, 16 gauge, mandrel-bent, stainless steel pipe ensures maximum exhaust gas flow, which can significantly boost horsepower. The stainless steel construction of the pipes and mufflers enables them to resist corrosion and extends the life of the system. The mufflers are precision matched to deliver the ultimate in sound and performance. Pypes systems come complete with a pair of precision matched Pypes mufflers, tail pipes, clamps, and hangers. These system can be installed at home without any special tools.


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    Part Notes: Race Pro Mufflers: When it comes to flow, you just can't get anything better than our Race Pro Muffler. This baby features a 'straight through' path with throughput that can be 95% of straight pipe! The throaty sound is surprisingly tame considering the absence of any impedance when you look down its barrel. At idle and low rpm cruising, you will not draw much attention, but upon acceleration, bystanders lookout! The Race Pro's aggressive sound is the result of applying a layer of stainless mesh around a unique internal perforated tube, accompanied by a healthy stuffing of basalt insulation before the unit is sealed. Highly recommended for the track where every 1/10th counts. Of course, there are plenty of these mufflers hidden under some fine street machines too. Think of these mufflers as large inhalers for your car.