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1967-1969 Chevrolet Delrin Lower Control Arm Bushings

1967-1969 Chevrolet Delrin Lower Control Arm Bushings

Ground Up Price: $150.95

Ground Up Part #: DSE030201

Manufacturer Part #: 30201


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    Improve your handling and steering feel with DSE Delrin lower control arm bushings. Stock rubber bushings allow deflection under load, which causes the steering to feel vague just when you need the most control. These Delrin bushings eliminate deflection and provide a more precise and predictable feel. The ride quality is slightly firmer, but the added feeling of control makes up for it. This kit consists of a steel housing with a Delrin bushing, steel crush tube, and stainless steel grease fittings. Unlike aluminum bushings, these steel outer housings can be tack welded to the lower control arms. This is beneficial because natural variation in the control arm bore and years of service and fatigue can distort it. The bushing housing and steel crush tube are electroplated to insure corrosion resistance. Parts Application (click year and model for exact part details):


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