Rhett B’s 1974 Camaro

Built From The Ground Up

Rhett B’s 1974 Camaro

This 1974 Camaro was purchased by Rhett’s wife’s Uncle Jon and her Grandfather Alvin Russell in 1976 in Sterling Illinois. Jon drove the 1970 Camaro daily as a teenager and hung on to it and treated it amazingly. He was a boxer that was invited to the Olympics at a young age. Jon went pro and had his whole life ahead of him. Unfortunately, he passed away due to a drunk driver on May 21st, 1986, which coincidently is Rhett’s wife Raushell’s birthday, but she was born in 1984. At the same time, Jon was planning on doing some work to the car and had it on blocks in a barn.

The 1974 Camaro sat for quite some time before Jon’s Brother Sonny, Rhett’s wife’s father took possession of it. He found wheels for it and always kept it garaged and cleaned. Unfortunately, every time Sonny drove it something would go wrong, or it wouldn’t want to restart. He transferred ownership to Rhett and his wife on her birthday in 2018. Growing up she always loved the car and let him know she wanted it because she always felt a connection with it. The 1974 Camaro is still garaged but can now be driven cross country if wanted. The smile her father now gets while driving is priceless, and the car is sound.

Many parts of the 1974 Camaro have been replaced, it has the engine that came with it in 1976 but is not a 4-bolt main L82, I believe it is an L65.  The engine is actually a 2 bolt mains block.  Transmission is the factory Borg Warner ST10 4 speeds, we have changed gearing to 3.08’s. It has a cam, aluminum heads, Holley mid-mount kit, electric fans, all new harness, Wilwood front brakes, new brake booster, re-upholstery on front seats with Jon’s signature on the headrest, pipes exhaust, with Hedman headers, Edelbrock carburetor, new brake lines and he is sure that he missed more.

The car has mostly sentimental value, and it has been in the family for so long.  However, they can’t ever go for a drive without people smiling, waving, or giving a thumbs up.

Rhett plans to fix the minor rust on the bottom of quarters, along with replumbing the factory ac. It is an honor item and memory item of Jon and when they can, put it in shows to honor his memory.

"You always seem to have small rare parts we need."

-Rhett B

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