Ray F’s 1970 Acadian SS

Built From The Ground Up

Ray F's 1970 Acadian SS

Ray found his 1970 Acadian SS at a local Autotrader almost 20 years ago.

Ray bought the car in 2001, with a junkyard 305 and a four-speed.

He put a rebuilt 350 with 10 to 1 compression, aluminum heads, auto gear 4-speed in to complement the factory 12 bolt. Rebuilt all the suspension, had the body redone 3 years ago, and is now tinkering with it to be more fun. He restored with modern paint and some modern engine upgrades.

Looks like a Nova, but sold in Canada only. It spoke to him as a kid in his home town had one when he was growing up and was one of the fastest cars in the area. The best thing is, it looks like a Chevy Nova but it is sold in Canada Only. It makes it special!

The future of the Acadian is to add power steering, more interior upgrades, and putting some miles on it.

Ground Up Parts Featured In This Build

1967-68 Nova SB w/o Air Conditioning Heater Core



1962-1979 Nova Correct Washer Hose Kit



1968-74 Nova w.o Hidden Wipers Washer Pump



1970-1972 Nova Grille Emblem, SS


1970-1972 Nova Grille Emblem, SS


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