Mike D’s 1965 Impala

Mike bought this 1965 Impala in March 2019 from a listing on Hemmings. He got it out of nostalgia, as his parents had a similar ’65 from the time he was born until about age 7. He’s had a soft spot for that car and always wanted one since.

“It is a tie to my childhood. It honors my parents, reminds me of my earliest love of automobiles and it’s about the prettiest car Chevrolet ever made.”

Mike D

This particular example was built very similarly to what Mike would have done himself, so it was a no-brainer that he needed to pick it up. This 1965 Impala may not be 100% original, but much of it is period correct with some added modern touches that make it a bit of a resto-mod.

It has been modified with Fast EFI along with an Edelbrock plenum, 4-wheel disc brakes, and a TH700-R4 automatic transmission. The engine is not the original big block 396, but it is period correct to the year and has been dyno’d at 400 hp to the crank.

This generation of Impala, specifically the 1965 Impala like his parents’ old car, is Mike’s favorite. From the sweeping body lines to the triple tail lights that mimic jet afterburners, even the lack of a b-pillar, all speak to him on another level of appreciation.

“There’s something so unapologetic about the car. It’s got the right balance of masculine and feminine, of angular and curve.”

Mike D

He has made a few changes to the Impala since taking ownership. It arrived badged and trimmed as an Impala, which he has changed to SS trim and he has added 396 decals to the air cleaner. In the future Mike would like to add air conditioning, tint the windows, and improve the sound insulation.

He’s toying with adding the late 60’s style SS wheels such as those found on the Chevelle, as he has always been fond of them and believes it would offset the look he’s going for perfectly.

“It is a joy to share with others. So many people see it and have a story that makes it fun to share.”

Mike D

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