Paul’s 1969 Camaro RS

Built From The Ground Up

Paul’s 1969 Camaro RS

When Paul got this car in his senior year of high school, most other students didn’t even know what it was.

It wasn’t all that long ago and most of them associated hot rods with “tuner cars”. This Camaro was driven almost daily to school, work, and even on prom night.

It is a true RS and had numbers matching 327, TH350, and the entire original interior in dark blue. Other options include a factory console with gauges along with a tach and clock.

In the last 5 years, a worked over 355 inch motor was transplanted where the 327 used to lurk along with a full exhaust system. Long tube headers which lets the new engine breathe a little easier. Of course, the 327 is still safe in the garage!

Then college happened and the Camaro spent a lot more time in the garage where much of the trim was replaced along with new PUI door panels. It is still driven on every opportunity that arises.

We bring it to a lot of shows but this Camaro is no trailer queen. It is driven and enjoyed to the fullest just as it was meant to be! Who says youngin’s like Paul aren’t interested in our classic muscle cars?

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