Noe B’s 1970 Chevelle

Built From The Ground Up

Noe B’s 1970 Chevelle

This 1970 Chevelle was purchased by Noe’s dad in 1970 because his mom really liked the car. This took place in Cd. Juarez Mexico.

His parents were enjoying their weekend cruise, and the car was being sold in a local dealership. They stopped, and his dad asked his mom if she liked it, and obviously, she did!

Mom asked him to buy it! Noe’s dad wanted to wait till Monday. But mothers know best and said that the car will be sold by then.

His parents departed home and come Monday, the car was sold! His mom was furious and told his dad that he better find this car because she really liked it!

It took him several days to find the car and convince the new owner to sell the New 1970 Chevelle. According to the story, the price was doubled as it was sold, but he still bought it.

Many years later, his parents divorced, and his dad kept the car in storage in Mexico City as far away from his moms reach. Time took a toll on emotions, but his dad was able to enjoy the Chevelle back in Cd. Juarez.

His dad really liked his cars having many classic cars, but the Chevelle always slept indoors and many times mentioned that he will like to be buried in it!

Last year when Noe was feeling a little courageous he asked his dad if he was willing to sell him the 1970 Chevelle in the future?.

Dad replied “cabron ese carro va a ser suyo cuando yo me muera” (“this car is going to be yours when I die”). He replied “due to my work I deal with a lot of death (Noe is an RN Hospice Nurse), let’s not talk about dying any time soon!

His dad replied, “you are absolutely right!”

And then Noe said, “Better yet let’s go out for a long cruise” at which his dad was very happy and making plans as to where to drive too. This conversation occurred on a Wednesday, and his father sadly passed on Sunday of the same week.

1970 Chevelle has a 350 and no modifications. Noe is currently installing a 396 motor and cleaning up the engine bay. It has a Vintage Air system, Dakota Digital original cluster, original interior (red), sound deadening, and Hotchkiss full suspension.

"Good experience shipping and buying."

-Noe B

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