Mike Zayas’s 1979 Camaro

Mike Zayas’s 1979 Camaro

Mike Zayas’s 1979 Camaro

Mike Zayas became the second owner of this 1979 Camaro in 2009 when he purchased it from the original owner. This Camaro was intended to be his son’s first vehicle and as an entry point into car culture that the two could share. Overall, it was in great condition for being a survivor car and retained the numbers matching 350 small block and Turbo Hydramatic 350 transmission.

Thus far, minimal work has been performed on the Camaro other than a modern car stereo to replace the original for his son, and a paint/decal refresh to make it more presentable. Otherwise, the original turbine style wheels have been refinished with period correct white letter tires accenting the classic look.

Unfortunately, his son has since lost interest in the car, so Mike and his wife have taken on the Camaro for themselves. They plan to one day completely restore it to the factory original condition as it was in 1979. They are inspired by the nostalgia of cruising the streets to show off their rides, just like it used to be in the good old days.

Check out these photos taken by Mike!

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