Mark’s 1970 Camaro Z/28

Mark’s 1970 Camaro Z/28


Mark’s 1970 Z/28 – A LITTLE MISHAP

Pictures are worth a thousand words and judging from the photos of Mark’s car, something looked a little “off” about the front end. Turns out the owner had a little mishap and couldn’t afford to fix it. Lucky for Mark, this meant an opportunity to restore an original, number matching 1970 Z/28!

He got word of this car and decided he would take on the task of a proper restoration. There were only two problems First on the list was the subframe. It was absolutely shot and needed replacement. The second issue was the kicker: The car was all the way down in sunny Florida!

Eventually, Mark had the car shipped to CT and did a full frame off restoration, proving that a little mishap can turn into a great opportunity to bring a special car back to life.

Mark says, “I can’t wait to cruise it this summer here in CT and bring it to Ground Up so you can see what you helped me do.”

We can’t wait to see your Camaro once the winter is over. Happy cruising!