Mario O’s 1967 Firebird

Mario saw the 1967 Firebird for sale and fell in love with it on sight. His first true classic and He loves driving it every second.

The 1967 Firebird has a 350 4-barrel Pontiac engine that was swapped from another firebird, but it still has 326 2-speed transmissions. Since owning it Mario has replaced many parts like coolant overflow, carburetor, air cleaner, valve covers, tires, headers, battery, spark plugs, and smaller things.

There aren’t many two-tone colored firebirds out there since they are mostly vinyl tops, this used to be a vinyl top but someone before Mario removed it and painted the 1967 Firebird pearl black.

Mario will be repainting the hardtop since the previous owner didn’t do a good job on it since there’s some bond that got water underneath and started to crack over time.

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