Ken G’s 1970 Nova

Built From The Ground Up

Ken G’s 1970 Nova

Ken’s father originally purchased this ’70 Nova as a running car in the late ‘80s for cheap. He had always wanted one in high school, and this was his chance. Ken and the family would purchase parts for birthdays and Christmas gifts to help the father make his dream into reality.

My dad picked this car up because he always wanted one in high school. One of those late 80’s running cars for under $1000. Something you won’t find these days.

Since his father’s passing two years ago, Ken has vowed to clean up the Nova and restore its condition. He plans on continuing to show the Nova in his father’s memory and honor, and maybe add a few 21st-century improvements down the line.

Ground Up Parts Featured In This Build

1970 Nova Shop Manual Set

Part #: HMS-70X
1969 Chevelle Factory Shop Manual Set


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1970-1971 Nova Tail Light Assembly Kit

Part #: LTA-X70K
1970-71 nova tail light assembly kit


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1966-1974 Round Bowtie Side View Mirror Kit

Part #: MIR-71K
round bowtie mirror kit


You Save Off Retail: 25%

1970-1974 Nova Side Marker Kit

Part #: LSM-70K
side marker kit


You Save Off Retail: 10%

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