Jr Fuchs’s 1967 Camaro

Built From The Ground Up

Jr Fuchs’s 1967 Camaro

Jr found this 1967 Camaro in 2013 in Illinois. When he brought it back to his home in Indiana, one of the friends he had helping him said it was so bad if he ever brought something back that bad again, he would kick his ass!

As the restoration got underway, Jr’s friends’ son would be at the garage whenever he saw that the door was open. He had become enthralled with the old Camaro. He would help get tools and clean up the garage while he was there, and Jr would even show him a thing or two on how to do bodywork and a little bit of welding.

This would go on for the entire summer that year, and Hayden the helper not only learned a great deal about that Camaro, but the experience inspired him to be interested in cars to this day.

This Camaro has the original 327 small block that it came with along with the factory Powerglide transmission. Jr is also proud of the fact that he restored the interior by himself and that he personally painted the car.

Jr intends to keep driving the Camaro now that it is finished until he no longer can. Then, his helper Hayden will receive the 1967 Camaro as a sign of appreciation for his interest and the time he spent being involved with the restoration.

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