Dennis H’s 1966 Chevelle

Built From The Ground Up

Dennis H’s 1966 Chevelle

This 1966 Chevelle had spent 17 years stored in a shop prior to Dennis purchasing it in 2016. The car was fairly standard but in amazing shape, the previous owner having lost interest in it and simply storing the parts he acquired there along with the Chevelle.

The previous owner’s father had purchased the Chevelle brand new in 1966, then passed it along to him in 1991 with only 78,000 miles on the odometer. He then kept it stock for the following 7 years until 1998, when he decided to take it apart to build a street racer at 91,000 miles. By 1999, a family health problem presented itself and he had lost interest in the car, where it would rest until Dennis answered the Craigslist ad in 2016.

“I was with my dad in 1966 in a Chevy dealership when he was buying a new car for the family, I was 16 at the time, my eye was on a new red SS 396 Malibu, my dad said I might be able to own one someday. I didn’t know it would take 50 years to get one though.”


Once he acquired the 1966 Chevelle, he began making it whole again. It is currently powered by the LT drivetrain from a 2017 Camaro ZL1 paired to an 8L90 8 speed automatic. He wants to keep it drivable for medium to long road trips, and to enjoy the power too.

“This Chevelle is a road eating machine now!”


Ground Up Parts Featured In This Build

1966-67 Chevelle Coupe TMI Sport XR Front & Rear Seat Cover Kit, Black with Red Stitch, SS Grommet

Part #: TMI-SXRCH667-070


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1966 Chevelle TMI Sport XR Front Door Panels, Black with Red Stitch, Silver Grommets

Part #: TMI-DCHSXR66-021


You Save: 15%

1966-1967 Chevelle Dakota Digital VHX Instrument System, Carbon Fiber Faces, Red Numbers

Part #: VHX-66C-CVL-C-R


You Save: 15%

1965-1966 Chevelle Window Crank Kit

Part #: IN-656K


You Save: 15%

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