Gregg Z’s 1970 Chevelle Wagon

Built From The Ground Up

Gregg Z’s 1970 Chevelle Wagon

Gregg started his search for a 1970 Chevelle about fifteen years ago when he finally had space and means for a proper restoration. After answering an ad in a local newspaper, he found his Chevelle while searching for a ’68 Chevelle, and a true 138 Chevelle SS for a good friend of his.

That’s when he spotted his 1970 Chevelle wagon in the owner’s backyard. After the owner explained that the car was for sale as well, he promptly made an offer on both cars as a package deal.

He searched the internet for parts sources after he purchased the car and found an SS396 Catalog. Ground Up offered many parts for 1970 Chevelle Station Wagons and was a huge help in the success of his restoration.

He recently added the third seat option to his Wagon. At the many car shows that Gregg and his wife attended with the Wagon, they found that many people would walk around to the back of the Wagon and inquire about the “way back”.

Apparently, quite a few people his age had spent their youth in the far back seat of their parent’s station wagons during their summer vacations. The addition of the third seat has helped them bring home many first place trophies and many smiles to a few car show spectators.

A 1970 Chevelle Wagon is a rare vehicle these days. Adding a third seat makes it even rarer. He wanted to build his car as if it could have been a factory-built SS Wagon. The vehicle is all stock right down to the factory rally wheels. In the future, he would like to add fuel injection to improve driveability. We hope he does as we have great Fi-Tech options for him to choose from, give us a call when your ready Gregg!

Ground Up Parts Featured In This Build

1969-1970 Chevelle Big Block Fan Shroud

Part #: ABC-1914


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1970-1972 Chevelle Brake Distribution Block

Part #: FPR-107


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1969-1972 Chevelle Lock Set Ignition And Doors

Part #: LID-69F


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1974-77 Flywheel Inspection Cover, TH350

Part #: NE-810


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