Dale S’s 1970 Camaro

Built From The Ground Up

Dale S’s 1970 Camaro

Dale’s wife found this 1970 Camaro in the newspaper classified ads twenty years ago for $2,400. Dale had always built and restored cars as a hobby throughout his life, and he learned body and paint as a youngster working for his best friend’s dad, who happened to be an amazing body and paint guy.

He built many high-end classics and hotrods. Dale has owned several 1st and 2nd gen Camaro’s when he was younger. As kids Dale and his buddies were always wheeling and dealing, trying to upgrade their cars so they went through many, unlike kids today!

His wife knew his love for 2nd gen Camaro’s and brought the ad she discovered to Dale’s attention. The 1970 Camaro was all original except for the white paint over the original Cortez Silver. Dale tore it down immediately and built a rotisserie, which it has hung from ever since. He sandblasted it right away and uncovered all the rust, replaced both quarters, tail panel, inner fenders, trunk, roof and some floor pans (basically, most of the car). Afterwards, he couldn’t decide whether to go back original or to hot-rod it so it sat for years while he worked on several other projects.

Dale builds houses for a living and recently did a job for a car builder. He had seen Dale’s ‘70 Camaro and stated that they needed to get the car finished and proposed a trade. Long story short, Dale decided to make it happen! He ultimately chose to Pro Tour it. He thought that he would have been farther along with the trade but it takes time as the car builder had put well over 1000 hours in it. The Camaro is now back in Dale’s shop on the rotisserie. Luckily it has been mocked up and taken apart. He is glad that the traded work got him working on it again!

Currently, Dale is getting it ready to spray Lizard Skin Ceramic heat coating on the underside, as well as, spraying the inside with the sound protection. He has everything back from the powder coater and will soon be painting it once he gets it to where he wants it.

The 1970 Camaro has some nice modifications done. He’s added a stage 3 TCI Subframe and Torque arm rear suspension, mini tubbed, 650 hp LS 3, Tremec 6 speed, and 20″ Rear 19″ front forged wheels. He has additional parts waiting to be installed, many through Ground Up!

The engine and transmission are a 6.2 LS3, Trickflow, Fitech, stage 4 cam and a Tremec 6 speed manual.

Dale exclaims that what makes the car unique is that, “It’s a bad ass 1970 RS Camaro”!

He hopes to take it to SEMA next year.

"Always a pleasure!"

-Dale S.

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