Customer Chevelle’s – 1965

Customer Chevelle’s – 1965

The muscle car craze had really started to catch on when Chevrolet introduced the 1965 Chevelle. Feeling pressure from the Pontiac GTO, Chevrolet really decided to step up with its offerings. Changes were not huge from the previous 1964 Chevelle in terms of basic body design, but the 1965 Chevelle received a new grille, new tail lamps, exterior touches, and interior. Take a look at some of our Customer Chevelle’s from 1965!

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ashraf's 1970 nova
Customer Cars

Ashraf’s 1970 Nova

Roosevelt High School’s 1970 Nova – The Coolest School Project Ever! “Men who get kids interested in cars and racing safely are good.” -Ashraf Ashraf,

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