Chris B’s 1965 Chevelle

Built From The Ground Up

Chris B’s 1965 Chevelle

Chris wanted a 1965 Chevelle SS since he was a child. His grandpa was a big Chevy guy. Nova’s, Camaro’s, Nomad’s that was his thing. It got Chris started into my lifelong passion for classics.

He always loved the Chevelle and tried so many times when he was younger to get one. It always seemed that financially they were out of his reach. Time passed, and many cars in between kept him from his dream ride.

He recently sold two other cars that he had been wanting to do work on but just had no more time for massive projects he felt. He had finally decided it was time to go for a 1965 Chevelle. He looked at everything available from coast to coast. The values had skyrocketed but he was ready for that.

He prospected and finally found the one that spoke to me. An old 90’s show car. Original SS and had a beautiful start. Unfortunately, the previous owner just threw it into the garage after he purchased it. He allowed it to incur some mechanical and paint issues. However, he saw past all of this, and the car just spoke to me.

He’s now in the process of restoring the interior as the mechanical issues have been completed. He’s looking forward to the paint correction and enjoying the car with his son, and hopefully passing down the passion to him.

The engine is a period-correct 327 bored .30 over with a th350 transmission. It has 4:11 gears with adjustable coil-over suspension.

Nothing that makes it so unique or special. It’s just a 3 owner original SS California car.

Eventually, he will be doing an LS conversion. He is currently having the interior from a 2014 Camaro SS fitted in the car.

"I was just turned on to this site from a Chevelle forum. I’m looking through what’s available now and really like the selection of parts so far."

-Chris B

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