Customer Cars – 1974 Camaros

Customer Camaros - 1974

The 1974 Camaro saw a few significant changes. The body was stretched to be even longer and GM pushed up production significantly.

Increasingly, the 1974 Camaro was finding itself more alone in the slowly fading era of muscle cars and their overall popularity. 1974 saw the Camaro finally bow to federal bumper guidelines. This required a major facelift on the Camaro. Rather than place an I-beam ram on the front of the car, Chevy was able to tactfully craft a bumper which met the requirements and still looked relatively stylish – to some people.

In addition to this a new, now fiberglass front end nose was required. In the back, a matching aluminum bumper was used along with wrap around teardrop style taillights. This change required a redesign of the rear quarter panel and trunk as well.

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