Connor D’s 1980 Camaro

Built From The Ground Up

Connor D’s 1980 Camaro

Three years ago, when Connor was stationed at Fort Stewart in the Army, he finally had enough money to buy his dream fixer-upper car. He spent $4k after talking them down on a 1980 Camaro (Berlinetta). He knows it’s the slowest of all Camaros, but it was the only one of that condition he could affordably find.

He fell in love with it and started working on it non-stop after he got out of the army in 2019. Now he’s married, going to college, taking care of his son, and renovating his house. The time and money aren’t letting him work on it as he wants, but he will never sell it. One of these days he’ll make that 1980 Camaro exactly how he wants it. His goal is to drive it all the way from Florida to California when it’s finished.

It has the original 305 and automatic transmission. Connor says it needs to come out and be given something better. Something that it properly deserves. He just needs to do more research on the best ideas first.

He would say that the most unique feature is that the Gen 2 Camaro isn’t as loved as the Gen 1 but still pretty old so you just don’t see that many of them anymore.

He had already lowered the 1980 Camaro with new leaf springs and coils so that it hugs the road more nicely. It could really use some body and paintwork next. He needs to build a garage to store it in first. So many dreams, so little time and money.

"You guys make it easy to navigate the online store and I received my parts fast so that I could get to work."

-Connor D

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