Andy H’s 1970 Chevelle

Built From The Ground Up

Andy H’s 1970 Chevelle

Two years ago, Andy stopped by to visit a friend of his who is a car dealer and was snooping around the key rack and saw a tag that said “1970 Chevelle”. When he inquired about it, his friend abruptly said “I’m not selling it” before he could even finish asking.

Knowing he is a salesman, Andy equally persisted and finally persuaded him to show him the car. When he opened the garage door, there it was, a 1970 Chevelle that was in desperate need of saving.

After much back and forth, Andy finally convinced him to sell it. But Andy had to promise that he would restore it. Little did his friend know it was his plan all along the minute he opened the garage door.

To his surprise, an employee of his had an emotional attachment to it and wept as Andy pulled it away. She said it was her dream car, though it was in pretty rough shape.

Andy got to work on dismantling it immediately and was gaining some good momentum until COVID happened. Through the many challenges and frustrations, he directed the frustrated energy to restore the 1970 Chevelle. The restoration was a perfect distraction! For many of us gear heads, sitting inside idle or not able to exercise our mechanical aptitude brings one close to insanity.

This was the first nut and bolt restoration Andy has done. He was able to complete the restoration in 16 months which seemed impossible. A dear friend of his helped with paint and bodywork, which shaved off months of time and expense.

Just as it was completed, his son just turned 16, got his license, and had asked if he could drive the Chevelle to school someday. Where some may be dismayed by the thought of an inexperienced driver commandeering their restored muscle car, or even having the audacity to ask. Andy, on the other hand, could not say yes fast enough. After all, he had a little of his sweat equity in this car along the way. So he felt it was owed to him. It gave him a sense of responsibility to spark interest in the younger generation with these cars.

As far as mechanics the engine was the stock 350 with hardened valve seats, a mild cam, and ceramic headers. The transmission was stock but rebuilt TH350. Andy also found out this Chevelle was a factory A/C according to the build sheet he found underneath the rear seat.

After a lot of blood, sweat, and tears it is fully restored! Andy plans to keep it that way and have his wife and son drive it as it will be his in the future.

"I was grateful for the technical support and customer service when I would call. I was appreciative of the availability of all the parts I needed and the economical prices as well. Also, the availability of help and logistics of fulfilling my orders during COVID was appreciated."


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