Verle J’s 1970 Chevelle

Built From The Ground Up

Verle J’s 1970 Chevelle

Verle is the second owner of this 1970 Chevelle, purchased on Jan 26th, 1972 from the dealership. He still has all the original paperwork and of course the build sheet.

Early on, this 1970 Chevelle was mostly used as a daily driver with a little racing on the side. The numbers matching 396/375 L34 had been removed and set aside, replaced by a 454 in its stead during this time period. Thinking ahead, any and all parts that are original to the car that were removed were carefully set aside for future restoration purposes.

“This was the first major purchase by myself and wife after we were married. Favorite part is the fact we managed through thick and thin to keep ownership of the car! We now go to car shows and have been awarded in an AACA show.”

Verle J

It did not see much action during the decades of the 1980s and 1990s as life and family took precedence. By 2016, the 1970 Chevelle had been dusted off and was ready for restoration. It was put back to factory original condition with the numbers matching drivetrain placed back where it belonged.

This 1970 Chevelle never had any panels, glass, or other major components replaced. Aside from certain interior bits that wear and tear like the carpet, driver’s door panel & seat cover, and headliner, nothing else of significance was touched. The extent of the restoration encompassed the little things, such as rubber, decals, clamps, hardware, and other assorted bits and pieces.

Verle plans to keep bringing his Chevelle to car shows with friends to show off this time capsule. One of his cruising buddies is even the original owner of a ’69 Chevelle SS! When the time comes, he expects to pass the car onto one of his children, with hopes that they get to enjoy it as much as he has over the years.

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