Tom S’s 1970 Chevelle SS396

Built From The Ground Up

Tom S’s 1970 Chevelle SS396

Tom purchased this Misty Turquoise 1970 Chevelle on eBay back in 2015. It was in fairly good shape but needed a lot of cosmetic work to bring it back to factory showroom condition.

“The drive line was all there so all I needed to do is bring it back cosmetically. Which I have done with the help of Ground Up”


This Chevelle was optioned with the L34 396/350 hp big block, positraction rear, cowl induction, and a Muncie 4 speed transmission. It was originally sold at McInerney Chevrolet on 2/11/70 to Robert Clark of Chicago, IL. It was bought and sold among various owners in different states, made its way back to Chicago, and then the previous owner before Tom brought it to Missouri.

Tom began his restoration project by focusing on the engine bay and then moved onto the trunk, which he re-spattered and resealed. The exterior was deemed too much for him to handle on his own, so he left that up to professionals at a high end classic car restoration shop.

“I fell in love with the color, which is Misty Turquoise and I love sound the car makes when running.”


He plans on tackling some of the worn interior bits for the next stage of his mild 1970 Chevelle restoration.

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