Tony B’s 1967 Chevelle

Built From The Ground Up

Tony B’s 1967 Chevelle

Tony bought his 1967 Chevelle 24 years ago from his uncle.  His Uncle had actually just bought the car., but Tony wanted the car ever since he brought it home. One day he said, “I’ll tell ya what. You’re working now and I know you can’t afford it all at once…. IT’S YOURS! You can just pay me as you can.”    

He and his uncle spent days and nights working on it together creating moments that Tony will always treasure. He said those times would have never been possible without his uncle. 

Tony says that there’s nothing special about the car. It’s just a fun car to cruise! 

The Chevelle is currently powered by an LS engine with 350th. It’s equipped with FiTech Ultimate LS System. 

He’s planning to upgrade the suspension with adjustable coil overs and 98-02 F Body brakes all the way around. He’s also hoping to update interior with TMI. 

"Always have gotten great service and parts in a timely manner. I always like the good prices and deals on shipping."

-Tony B.

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