Steven D’s 1970 Chevelle

Built From The Ground Up

Steven D’s 1970 Chevelle

Ten years ago, Steven’s dad was coming home from work and along the way he spots a 1970 Chevelle on a roll back in a driveway right in his neighborhood. He immediately turned around to inquire about the eye-catching car.  Unfortunately, the owner tells him he is not interested in selling. His dad says to the man, “If you ever change your mind let me know!” and about 3 months later the man showed up at his house and sold him the car.   

The car was in pretty rough shape, needing pretty much everything. Fast-forward to 2021, Steven and his dad have the Chevelle completely restored! They restored everything including the sheet metal. Following the restoration of the car in February of 2021, Steven’s loving dad passed away in May 2021. His mom gave Steven the 1970 Chevelle that he built with his father. When Steven drove it to his house it had only 57 miles on it.
It was always his dad’s dream to own a muscle car. His dad had told Steven that he had 5 or 6 over the years and he would reminisce about them as long as Steven could remember. It still makes Steven emotional and brings him so much joy that his dad had the opportunity to do it again before he passed.  
His dad was his absolute best friend in the world, and they did everything together. Steven shared his love for cars and they would attend car shows, races, and everything else together. Steven states that the car is still his dad’s and that he’s just watching it for him. He leaves the light on in his basement at night just in case his dad wants to stop by and look at the beautiful car that meant so much to him, as well as, his 1973 F100 390 and his 1972 4×4 Cheyenne. “I wouldn’t sell that 1970 Chevelle for all the money in the world!” Steven exclaims. 

The Chevelle has a 454 engine and an M22 transmission. (Steven’s dad wanted the 396 emblems on it so it would stand out more on the red, since the 454 emblems are red too.) 
Although they restored almost everything, the Chevelle still has a retro radio.  It also sports 1972 Chevelle SS wheels because they are 15s rather than the 14s. Although, Steven still has the original 14s too. 
Steven just cranks it up and lets it run a few times a month. He chooses to not drive it too frequently. He simply wants to keep it nice, the way his dad would’ve wanted it.

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-Steve D.

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