Robert D’s 1973 Nova SS350

Built From The Ground Up

Robert D’s 1973 Nova SS350

Back in 1982, Robert was on the lookout for either a 1971 or 1973 Nova, it didn’t matter which as long as it had a 4 speed Muncie transmission. This Nova wound up being the winner.

This 1973 Nova is a real SS350 with the original 4 speed manual, and Robert was going to use it as a track car so he wanted the best base he could find. However, he had second thoughts about cutting up the Nova and changed his plans so that it would be a street and strip car.

Over the following decades, he would continue to build up the 1973 Nova, modifying every aspect of the car in some way. Most impressive is that it was all taken on by Robert himself, from the engine, transmission, suspension, interior and even the paint.

In the future, Robert plans on getting a professional paint job as his is older now, and a new set of wheels and tires to match.

"They had wat I needed and stayed up on my order."


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1970-1979 Nova Square Disc Brake Master Cylinder With Bleeders

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1962-1979 Nova Heater Hose Retainer For The Top Of Alternator

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