Lee’s 1972 Nova SS Clone – Customer Car of the Month May 2020

Built From The Ground Up

Lee’s 1972 Nova SS Clone – Customer Car of the Month May 2020

Lee had his first Nova, a true 1969 Nova SS, about 25 years ago. A beautiful car she was, and this 1972 Nova is a tribute to it. Unfortunately, life happened as it does to most of us.

Lee went through a divorce and the judge said sell it and split the money so she was no more. More life happened and his priorities came first. Finally, 25 years later he bought his 1972 Nova SS clone in November of 2019.

He purchased the car obviously for its TRUE beauty. The 428 Dart small-block and 350 turbo transmission was the icing on the cake with 600 buff horsepower.

Lee is retired from the Army and has PTSD from combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan (Ground Up Thanks you for your service). When he found out he had PTSD, he was told that he needed to find a hobby. So here she is! It is so much more than just a car for him. This car helps him to deal with the PTSD that he has from combat.

“A hobby, love affair, and lifesaver.”

– Lee

When he received the car, he went into deconstruction mode and is making it exactly how he wants it.

Currently, it is still in the reconstruction phase and he is getting closer. The car will mainly be a show car and occasionally used for test and tune nights at the local drag strip. This car is not only a way of life for him, but his family as well. Especially for his grandchildren; to get them involved in cars and to demonstrate to them that there is more to life than video games. Everywhere this car has gone people have taken pictures and stopped to ask questions and to just admire it.

She has the beauty and vicious power to go with her. What a ride!

– Lee

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