Pierre-Emile F’s 1968 Camaro

Built From The Ground Up

Pierre-Emile F’s 1968 Camaro

Hello, this is Pierre, he’s french. The 1968 Camaro was the car that he wanted since he had a driver’s license. That was his dream car, but it was out of his budget.

His two first American cars were a 1978 Volaré and a 1976 Camaro, bought in 2006 and 2007. In 2011 he went to California to buy a 1970 Chevelle Malibu and shipped it back to his home, in France.

But in 2020, he decided to sell his Chevelle, not to buy another car, just to sell. But before he did, he wanted to put a set of Rally Wheels on her. He went to a buddy’s garage to buy the wheels, and she was there. The 1968 Camaro that he wanted 15 years ago, and the same color as his old Bumblebee. He thought about her all night long, and 3 days after the sale of his Chevelle, the Camaro was at home!

Yes, we were in 2020, year of covid, year of sh*t, so he said f*k you covid, I’m buying a Camaro!

His buddy imported the 1968 Camaro from Tennessee, now she’s on the small roads of southern France. That’s the story of Pierre’s bee.

She has a 350ci instead of the stock 327 with a 4 speed Muncie M20 transmission. He actually did a lot of the little modifications. The bad work was done in the USA on the wiring harnesses, and he restored old parts.
Originally the paint was butternut yellow, but actually, it looks like Daytona yellow paint.

There’s something special about it. It looks like a SS. A clone SS, the emblems will go to the trash can soon! The rear of the car is an RS. So in the future, the 1968 Camaro will be restored as an RS again.

He plans to modify the front end. All the stereo will be redone and work on brakes and suspension.

"Good parts, I can find almost everything that I want. I've buy a lot of parts for my Chevelle, and soon for my Camaro !"

-Pierre F

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