Mike Osborne’s 1967 Chevelle

Mike Osborne’s 1967 Chevelle

Mike Osborne’s 1967 Chevelle – Love At First Sight

Mike was in the market for a new muscle car, not particularly Chevy, but a muscle car none the less. It wasn’t until Mike stumbled across this 1967 Chevelle advertised for sale on the web that he decided he was going to get a Chevrolet Chevelle. Mike said

“When I found this orange 1967 Chevelle, it was love at first sight”

Mike’s 1967 Chevelle is a “pro-mod” build that’s not over the top nor radically modified. It sits right in that sweet spot between the original design and everyday functionality. People often comment on how the attention to detail has made it an all-around nice muscle car. Ground Up SS396.com has helped Mike out with countless parts to keep this beautiful ride going down the road and to make some slight improvements to an already spotless 1967 Chevelle.

Check out these photos taken by Mike

1967 Chevelle Headlamp Bezel Set

Ground Up Part #: LHB-567

Price: $99.95


1966-1967 Chevelle OE Molded Bucket Seat Chrome Kit

Ground Up Part #: ICC-0250-OE

Price: $98.99


1966-1967 Chevelle Dakota Digital VHX Instrument System

Ground Up Part #: VHX-66C-CVL-K-B

Price: $755.99


1966-1967 Chevelle Automatic Console Kit

Ground Up Part #: IX-66A

Price: $409.20 (You save 20% with this kit)


1964-1986 Chevrolet B&M Universal Quicksilver Automatic Shifter

Ground Up Part #: BM-80683

Price: $318.99


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