Mark T’s 1972 Chevelle

Built From The Ground Up

Mark T’s 1972 Chevelle

Mark was very fortunate to purchase the 1972 Chevelle Baldwin Motion 454 SS from the original owner after he owned it for 49 years.

This car is very special as it was a one-of-one and the only 1972 Chevelle that Motion Performance produced. The last time he saw the car on the road was in 1973 when he was in 10th grade at Hicksville High School. He was crossing the street going to a football game and here comes the loudest Chevelle you ever heard coming down the street.

As the story goes, he was always interested in the car, and he hunted down the original owner (BOB) to see if he was interested in selling it. It took him 5 years to obtain the 1972 Chevelle which was not running for over 27 years.

You may ask, why is this a special automobile as it looks very similar to any other modified street racing car from the 1970s. The history of this car is special, as it was ordered by Bob a Hicksville Resident after he came out of the service. At a time when cars were subject to the gas crisis, all cars had emissions to cut down on pollution. This was also the time when car horsepower was dropped in half and not the best time to have a street racing car. Bob decided to order a specially equipped street racing car that was purchased from a Chevrolet dealer and directly shipped to Baldwin Motion where it was disassembled and refitted with special high-performance parts.

As background, it has taken 7 months to perform a mechanical restoration on the 1972 Chevelle. To put it back to its glory days as it was ordered and delivered to Bob in December 1971.

The engine is a 454 Motion ZLX engine, 575 HP (103 octane leaded fuel) with s M22 Manual Transmission with Gear Ratio 4:88/3:42 and Hone O Drive (OverDrive).

Ordered Date: 9/17/1971, Sold 12/13/1971
Phase III 454 ZLX, 575 HP, M22 Manual Transmission
Compression Ratio 12-to-1
Edelbrock Tarantula TM2R Intake Manifold 
Carburetion 850 CFM Holley, 103 Octane Fuel
Exhaust Kustom Chrome Headers/Side Pipes
Gear Ratio 4:88/3:42, Hone O Drive (OverDrive)
Car Cost $4,500, Motion Options $4,300
Featured in CARS Magazine – April 1972

He plans on attending local car shows and maintaining the historical 1972 Chevelle as it was built and delivered in December 1971.

"I have always had a great experience with I have also restored my 1969 Z/28 which I have had for 48 years."

-Mark T

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