Kevin M’s 1969 Nova

Built From The Ground Up

Kevin M’s 1969 Nova

Kevin’s dreams were filled with visions of owning a fully finished hot rod, meticulously crafted to his exact specifications. Just a few months before tragedy struck, he made a life-changing decision. He seized the opportunity to purchase the 1969 Nova, intending to transform it into the embodiment of his automotive dreams. Little did he know that fate had a different plan in store for him.

In a freak farming incident, Kevin tragically lost his right leg above the knee. However, Kevin’s spirit remained unbroken, and he refused to let his circumstances dictate his life. Merely eight days after the amputation, with sheer determination and unwavering resilience, Kevin found himself back behind the wheel of his beloved hot rod. Each morning, he would embark on a joyous journey to savor the simple pleasures in life—savoring tacos and relishing precious moments with his family.

Kevin had been a masterful fabricator since his teenage years, a true virtuoso of his craft. He drew upon his vast knowledge and expertise to build and sell custom cars. Throughout his journey, he discovered that, had been instrumental in saving him from countless headaches and the arduous task of hunting down relics in junkyards. products provided him with the reliability and convenience he desired, allowing him to focus on his true passion—creating automotive works of art.

Underneath the hood of Kevin’s 1969 Nova hummed a formidable beast—a crate ATK Performance 350 engine that delivered unparalleled trouble-free performance. Its reliability was so remarkable that Kevin couldn’t bring himself to tinker with it. Instead, he acquired a potent 383 stroker with aluminum heads, destined to find its home in another magnificent vehicle.

Though officially titled as a 1974 Nova, Kevin’s hot rod possessed all the distinctive features and charm of a timeless 1969 Nova. The fusion of two eras created a unique and captivating aesthetic, captivating onlookers wherever Kevin ventured.

Now, however, Kevin stands at a crossroads. Contemplating the future, he finds himself considering the possibility of parting ways with this 1969 Nova. In his mind’s eye, he envisions embarking on a new automotive endeavor—an ambitious project featuring an LS power plant.

"Great every order has been prompt and professional quality and I luv shopping with y’all cuz I have several chevelles and 4 novas and y’all are a one stop shop for anything needed for restorations , u could basically build a car out of ur warehouse of parts "

-Kevin M

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