Jack L’s 1972 El Camino

Built From The Ground Up

Jack L’s 1972 El Camino

Jack bought this 1972 El Camino, new when he was in high school. He did a frame on restoration from 2016 to 2018, almost exclusively using Ground Up for replacement parts.

He saw so many trucks at Car Shows with a matching bicycle in bed. So he took the rear fender off his custom bike and painted the El Camino to match his bike! He took side pipes off his old 1973 van and put them on the El Camino. It makes it look like headers are coming into one BIG solid pipe.

He took out a factory SS 350 mouse motor and installed a SS 427 out of a totaled 1968 Impala. He has it internally now as a 502 RAT engine. He took out the factory buckets, console, and automatic transmission, and installed a bench seat, Hurst shift linkage, and a Muncie Rock Crusher 4 speed. He took out a Harrison factory air and replaced it with a Vintage Air setup.

In the future, he wants to paint flames on the El Camino to match his bicycle so, it’s an exact match!

"PEERLESS in parts availability & quality!"

-Jack L

Ground Up Parts Featured In This Build

1964-1972 El Camino Rear End Bump Stop Kit

Part #: NT-1810K


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1964-1977 El Camino Big Block Starter Motor

Part #: ASM-20M



1964-1972 El Camino Brake Or Clutch Pad Trim

Part #: IHQ-0192


You Save: 9%

1970-1972 El Camino Bumper Guard Impact Strip Inserts

Part #: MBS-702A


You Save: 7%

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