Ever since she was 13 years old, Halcyon knew she had to have a Chevelle 454 SS, it was her dream car.

She saved up every dime she could until she had enough money to buy one, and the hunt was on. By October 2018, she had located this black ’71 with white stripes and the rest was history.

Halcyon is now the third owner of this well kept Chevelle, which came with a slew of documentation. The original owner’s manual, build sheet, and even window sticker were included. Both of the previous owners also kept the receipts for any and all repairs or services that were made.
The only two major replacements include a new vinyl top in 2000 and new interior upholstery in 1999.

The 454 big block has a few minor upgrades but is otherwise mostly original. One of the previous owners swapped the factory carburetor for an Edelbrock, which made the cowl induction non-functional. Halcyon plans to address this little issue soon.

This Chevelle is special to me because I saved every dime and worked hard to buy it. It is the only car I have ever wanted. It brings me joy and I show people pictures of it like others show pictures of their children. There really is nothing like driving it and hearing the steady rumble of the engine.

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