Christopher M’s 1969 Chevelle

Built From The Ground Up

Christopher M’s 1969 Chevelle

This 1969 Chevelle was Christophers’ dad. He recently passed away around 2 years ago. His dad built this car himself and, Christopher helped him here and there as he was younger. Christopher and his dad would have owned it for around 8 years all together now. Since he passed away the car is in Christopher’s garage.

The heart of this 1969 Chevelle beast is a 396 big block. The main mods for this motor are pretty much everything is re-done from pistons main bearings etc. It has a 615 lift cam from comp cams. Hydraulic lifters. 1.8 ratio rockers. Pistons 11 to 1 compression. It is shifted by a 4-speed Muncie standard.

The car used to be automatic but was converted. Has QA1 air shocks. Also has front-end tubular control arms. The rear is a posi unit with 333 rear-end gears. Pure muscle! All up to date rear-end suspension box end. The car was also a dual quad set up running 2 Edelbrock 600 cfm carbs.

His dad also made an L88 hood from a corvette using plastic to mold it into shape to make it fit a Malibu hood. For rims, they are using the Jegs 5 star style rims that almost look like welds. Used to have an MSD ignition but it’s now converted to points ignition.

The special thing about this 1969 Chevelle is it has see-through valve covers. They are in an aluminum case with a Lexan glass to see through all the rockers. The valve covers came off a show truck back in the 1970s and were on the cover of hot rod magazine.

His future goals with the car have been to get it drivable as it hasn’t been drivable in 5 years. The future plans are his best friend, and he are going to convert it to a T5 Ford 5 speed transmission to see how it does on the highway. They are also changing it to a single plane intake as it is currently a double. Ultimately they are trying to make it a streetcar and reliable if anything. They are also doing bodywork. Currently, they are going to repaint the car a different color to make it really stand out.

"I mostly choose to shop with you guys to keep up to date with the most factory oe replacement parts as this car is still missing alot of parts. So I am searching more for more parts to keep it as close to factory as much as I can to without converting to much. I like the most how easy at times it can be to find parts. "

-Christopher M

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