Gus K’s 1967 El Camino

Built From The Ground Up

Gus K’s 1967 El Camino

Gus’ 1967 El Camino was a Christmas gift to himself from Santa! While the story of how this happened may not have thrilled his wife, she was rather impressed with his creativity. Gus devised a plan that would become a priceless memory!! 

Excitement stirred with cookies by the fireplace and original 1967 VA plates! Gus secretively placed the title, keys, and a letter in his stocking. His wife had been wanting a new ring which was in her stocking ready for her to open Christmas morning, as well. As they both came down the stairs, she saw the cookies and milk by the fireplace with a small note addressed to Gus. As she was wondering what this note could be, they proceeded with the unwrapping of her gift. She was delighted to see her new ring. 

 Well then, it was now Gus’ turn. “You have something in your stocking too”, his wife exclaimed. Gus played dumb and stated, “I wonder what it could be!”  Gus observed the letter by the cookies (which said check your phone for a message from Santa). Then when he pulled the tags and title out of the stocking, he acted incredibly surprised. Gus declares that Santa gave him a new car!!!!  “What!!! Santa gave you a car?!!!” his wife responded. 

Gus turned 55 a couple of months before Christmas and the El Camino was 55 years old too. He has a few other “hot rods” all of which are not running (like most other guys with hot rods). So, Gus is happy to have something really nice to be able to use and share. He plans on enjoying it as much as possible! 

The 1967 El Camino has the original 327. It’s a 4 speed with slight mods on the motor. It also has a small camshaft, Edelbrock intake, and carburetor, and HEI engine harness.   

"Amazing company very helpful employees and quality parts. I am looking forward to getting my 86 Grand National completed and with the help of your company this will be a pleasant experience. Keep up the great work!! "

-Gus K.

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