Dylan’s 1967 Camaro

Built From The Ground Up

Dylan’s 1967 Camaro

Dylan purchased his 1967 Camaro in his junior year of high school 20 years ago. He found it while delivering pizzas in his small town. It was always the car. He loved her even when she was ugly, beat up, and purple. As he grew up and moved around it went with, hid out in parents backyards, storage facilities, friend’s houses, until he had a garage of his own.

Dylan recently finished restoring it with the bulk of the work done in 2 years and finished in 2018. He did everything but paint and bodywork. He kept things pretty factory and stock but did some hidden upgrades that most will not notice. Dylan upgraded the shocks, used lowering springs, and added some sway bars but kept the stock control arms so it still feels like it did in high school, just better.

He installed all new poly bushings and body and engine mounts. The engine that was in it was not original, so he replaced it with a custom-built stroker 383 small block with a hydraulic roller cam, roller rockers, long tube headers, and dual exhaust. He also upgraded to a 5 Speed Tremec and changed to 3.73 gears with Yukon posi in the rear. The 1967 Camaro still feels like the same car it just drives without all the rattles and if something breaks, he knows exactly what to do because he replaced it all.

Dylan’s favorite part about owning the car is sharing his history with it, helping other car people with their projects and going out for ice cream with the family. It lights up his day when he goes for a ride. It’s a hard feeling to describe or match Dylan states, which most people with these cars can probably relate to.

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