Dennis L’s 1967 Chevelle

Built From The Ground Up

Dennis L’s 1967 Chevelle

Dennis had a 1967 Chevelle SS 396 in High School with Factory 3speed out and ran all the GTO’s super bees and 4-speed cars he lined up with. Dennis has had so many memories of that 1967 Chevelle plus he had it at the same time as his old High School Girlfriend. After graduating and going to college he sold it and bought a 70 SS 454 LS5 it was A Cool car as well and it had AC.

However, the 1967 Chevelle was and still is the Legend back home on East Texas WillsPoint. After Dennis graduated from college, he sold the Ss454 also, later in life, he realized he should have never sold either one of them and vowed to own both of the same year cars again. So that being said Dennis acquired the 1967 Chevelle SS in 2017. He saw it at a Boat Store at Possum Kingdom Texas for sale that he would up trade a 2001 Baja 33 Outlaw with Twin 500 efis. It was the best trade Dennis ever made. Then in 2019, he acquired a 1970 SS 454. There are both Cool cars and both head turners. It’s hard for Dennis to choose which one to drive on weekends or take to a car show. He has lived his dream by acquiring the two cars he had growing up, unfortunately, they are not the same exact cars he had bet the next best thing. Dennis hopes this inspires someone else reading this story to go fulfill their dream of having a car someday like they had growing up.

The car is an Auto with Turbo 350 beefed up with a shift kit and has a 3000-stall converter. The engine has been switched out to a 427 Ci Aluminum Brodnax Sq Pt Heads Weidland Stealth Intake and Holley 850 Dp Block has Lanati Rods and Pistons and Hydraulic Roller cam. The car is fast and fun to drive on the streets. At age 67 I’m making new memories of my two dream cars

The car had been repainted the original Marina Blue with White Bench Seats

Dennis will never change a thing. He loves it the way it is now.

"Have most anything I need for either of my Chevelle's "

-Dennis L

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