Dennis K’s 1966 Chevelle

Built From The Ground Up

Dennis K’s 1966 Chevelle

Dennis had owned a 1966 Chevelle way back in 1967 and knew he’d eventually get another. He found this example in a storage shed recently.

The body of this 1966 Chevelle was in one shed on stands, while the frame was in a second shed, and still miscellaneous parts were in a third shed. It took some effort to get everything together, but it was eventually all sorted and Dennis had himself a project.

Dennis says that he performed the body work, engine build, paint, and the interior restoration by himself, an impressive array of skills for one person.

“I built it myself and I am not a professional mechanic or painter”

For the engine build, he opted for a 454 big block with a 4-speed and 9 inch Ford rear end with 3.50:1 gears. Dennis plans on entering this Chevelle into more car shows, as last season it did quite well, even winning a fair amount of the shows he entered.

"You had many of the parts I needed to accomplish the build and were great and fast shipping"


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