David N’s 1972 Chevelle Super Sport

Built From The Ground Up

David N’s 1972 Chevelle Super Sport

If you’ve ever taken physics class, you would understand why a 6’2″ US Air Force Colonel might have some trouble seating himself in a 1967 Cobra. Why he didn’t think of this before signing over his Chevelle for the Cobra is another story, but we’ll focus on the story of how this worked out to David’s benefit.

Blue Thunder started out life as a midnight bronze 1972 Malibu and was quickly transformed by the original owner to Super Sport status in 1974. He had it painted Marina blue with white SS stripes and also upgraded to a bored out 454 currently producing over 500 horsepower. The car remained this way in California for the next 31 years.

Later on in the cars life, it was purchased by a US Air Force Colonel and shipped out to Colorado. He enjoyed the car for the next 4 years until he was bitten by a Cobra on a business trip to Illinois. The 1967 Cobra had not yet arrived at the dealership, but he decided to sell the Chevelle anyway to put toward the Cobra. When the Cobra arrived, the Colonel found out the hard way that he didn’t quite fit into the driver’s seat, so he declined the deal. The classic car dealer ended up keeping the Cobra and the Chevelle.

This is where David came to the scene and scooped the Chevelle right up. He began ordering parts and named his work in progress “Blue Thunder”. The thunder comes from the 454 with Flowmaster Series 44 mufflers. Other details include 20 inch Foose rims, HID Xenon headlights, LED brake lights, a killer stereo system, and much more. Future plans include a 4 wheel disc brake conversion and a restoration of stock air conditioning system.

David says, “Although the story sounds like something out of a bizarre Hollywood script, Blue Thunder is in impeccable shape and I plan on holding on to her for many years to come!!!”

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