Customer Cars – 1986 Camaros

Customer Cars - 1986 Camaros

The 1986 model year also marked the last year for the 305ci L69 HO engine option, and just 74 Camaro models were manufactured with this engine for 1986. Sixty three of those were commissioned as Canadian Player’s cars, while a mere 11 were manufactured for public sale.

By 1986, the base 4-cylinder engine was gone and the 173ci V6 took its place. The 305 LB9 engine remained but saw a decrease in power from 215hp to 190hp in all IROC-Z models. The 305ci LG4 V8 also remained, while a few 350ci L98 V8s snuck into the lineup under the hood of a handful of 1986 IROC-Z models built after June of that year.

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