Cindi R’s 1968 El Camino

Built From The Ground Up

Cindi R’s 1968 El Camino

This 1968 El Camino is of sentimental value to Cindi. Her husband Elvin and she have owned numerous El Camino’s in their years together. They have had 1959, 1966, 1974, and this 1968 El Camino.

They have owned other classic cars as well but Elvin always navigated towards El Camino’s. Cindi has always been a car girl. She and her brothers and her father have all had some classics over the years.
Actually, the love of cars is what attracted Elvin and her, among other things!!

They have owned this 1968 El Camino for about 17 years, but unfortunately, Elvin lost his battle with cancer almost 10 years ago. She can’t bring herself to sell this car yet. She sees cars for sale that she would really like to own but she loves this car. It’s given her wonderful memories over the years.

“Elke” is stock with a 350 engine and automatic transmission. She was painted Butternut yellow before they got her, with bucket seats. She drives her on a pretty regular basis if the weather is nice.

She’s sure that at one point she might sell the car unless one of her grandbabies shows an interest in it, but they are still babies. She spends nickels and dimes on small changes, as her budget allows. The 1968 El Camino is fine as-is for Cindi, for now.

"I recently found an old Ground Up catalog in the garage that Elvin had dog eared some pages for her, so I am taking his lead and I just got a bed mat for her from ground up and am very pleased with it. I'll check out some of the other dog eared pages as cash allows me. "

-Cindi R

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