Bob & Stephanie G’s 1967 El Camino

Built From The Ground Up

Bob & Stephanie G’s 1967 El Camino

49 yrs ago, Bob’s father took his last ride. Bob was 2 at the time. He was coming home to him and his mom who was expecting. He had a 1967 El Camino 327 2 speed Powerglide in Granada Gold.

Long story short he, came over a hill, a combine was taking up the whole county bridge. He never came home.

6 months ago, the love of his life says “you know a car I’ve always wanted?” An El Camino. So he Googles pictures of 1971 -72 El Caminos because he had owned a 1971 and a 1972 Chevelle. The 1972 Chevelle was his 1st car at 16. She says no they’re ugly.

So she’s googling and showing him the one she likes, and it’s a 1967 El Camino. Two days later, he’s on the marketplace, and up pops a suggestion for him, a 1967 El Camino 327 2 Speed Powerglide, Granada Gold 12 miles from his house. Freaky right?

So it was a no-brainer he bought the 1967 El Camino! Everything from the paint and shocks is OEM. It drove like a boat in choppy water! It needs a lot, but it’s a mutual car project except once completed she’s claiming it. Plus his 2 sons are already arguing about who gets it.

He has already bought a steel 2″ cowl hood from Ground Up, and they have so far installed new 2-2-1/2″ true duals w/ Flowmasters. Complete new suspension, and switched the power 4 wheel drum to power disc brakes.

It needs bodywork from the usual Indiana lower rot. But she’s into it, and I don’t have to have parts delivered to my buddy’s house. Except she started stealing stickers, he told her the rule is if you buy the parts you can keep the stickers.

Original 327, the guy before them slapped a demon gas sucker on it. They plan on running a Fitech fuel injection and are debating switching to a 700R4.

Everything is original, blinker tach, it’s in fair shape but she wants to daily drive plus take it on trips. The most unusual thing is the passenger mirror is Buick stamped, and it has a Buick hood ornament. According to the guy he bought it from he has seen a picture of this El Camino from 1968 and the hood ornament was on it.

Hopefully, they can get the body taken care of this spring. Since he bought it he’s spent $4000 plus on suspension and brakes, exhaust and she is willing to foot the complete interior restoration. Her father has recently passed we were taking care of him. But as soon as this snow leaves we’ll be able to get to it again.

"Great and will be doing a lot more business with you in the next couple months. "

-Bob & Stephanie G

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