Adam M’s 1972 El Camino

Built From The Ground Up

Adam M’s 1972 El Camino

After always dreaming of owning an 1972 El Camino, Adam bought a 1986 after months of searching New Hampshire. A few months later, on a bike ride with his dad at 15 years old, they spotted the rear end of a red 1972 El Camino in someone’s back yard, in our very own town. As El Camino enthusiasts, they asked the man if they could take a look. It was Adam’s dream car! A red 1972 El Camino with black stripes and a black interior. Although it wasn’t for sale, the previous owner, Dave Hodgdon, agreed to sell Adam the 1972 El Camino because he knew his grandfather, Jimmy Goodman. They sold the 1986 to buy this 1972, El Camino. Since then, the entire family has pitched in to rebuild the entire car.

Adam’s grandfather does all of the labor as he is the expert. His grandmother is always on the phone and ordering parts. Adam, his mom, and his dad all pitched in to buy the parts; including a brand new crate 454 that was a college graduation present. There isn’t an ounce of rust on the car. The paint job is new, with a new 454 big block, and 4-speed transmission, the 1972 El Camino runs great!

Originally the car had a 350 small block and automatic transmission. Over the past few years, they transformed the car into a 454 big block with a 4-speed manual transmission with a loss of 450 horsepower.

This El Camino has gone through such a large transformation over the years. It has taken every single member of the family to make it what it is today. A rare feature of this car is how loved it is, and how it truly took a village to finally turn this car into what it deserves to be; a bada** 454 El Camino.

Adam plans to keep this car for the rest of his life, and one day leaves it to his kids, grandkids, or even great grandkids; Whoever will enjoy it and take care of it the most.

"Ground up is absolutely great, and is always our go-to store!"

-Adam M

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